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When should I test?

Taekwon Do International has set 30 classes as a general guideline for the interval between tests. This is a recommendation, not a hard and fast rule. Many people are ready to test after 25 classes, but as each person’s skill and ability differ, students will be invited to test at the discretion of the head […]

May 2010 promotion testing

Our promotion testing this past week was an interesting one. We had two black belt interim tests and our lowest rank testing was a green belt. Everyone had trouble breaking boards it seemed. It’s been my experience that sometimes you just get a tough batch of boards. I hope everyone took away some confidence and […]

Promotion test January 2010

Congratulations to all those who tested. This was a pretty large test. Thanks to Theo and Finn for their help in “producing” the videos. Thanks also to Terri for being the videographer. Finn and Dylan Theo The Hills The Cael Red belt patterns, sparring, and board breaking By the way, did you know that students […]

Hwa-Rang by Priscilla McCabe, Kristian Frye, John Buck, Ken Graig

Priscilla, Kris, John, and Ken all earn black stripes at their promotion test in January, 2010. John and Kris perform the pattern Hwa-Rang. Now, it’s Ken and Priscilla’s turn:

Cael McCabe earns his red belt

Cael McCabe earns his red belt. In this post are videos of Cael demonstrating Toi-Gye, board breaking, and sparring with Tom Hill. Cael performs the pattern Toi-Gye. Cael breaks two boards with a back kick, and two boards with a cross-behind side kick. Keep in mind the force that must be generated to break 1 […]

The Hill Family earn their first red stripe

Tom, Christina, and Tyler Hill earn their red stripes. The Hill Family performs the pattern Joong-Gun.

Finn Brown earns a green stripe, Dylan Winsor earns a green belt

Finn Brown earns his green stripe, while Dylan Winsor earns a green belt Dylan Windsor performs the Do-San pattern, while Finn Brown performs Dan-Gun. Finn breaks a board with a lead-leg side kick, Dylan breaks a board with a rear-leg side kick. With stationary side kicks, there is always the challenge of producing momentum. These […]

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