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McCabe black belt interim testing

Congratulations to Owen and Priscilla McCabe on their interim tests. Both McCabes have been an integral part of our successful children’s program. While color belts test every 3 months, black belts only test every 6 months. Promotions to 2nd, 3rd degree and higher take years of practice before qualifying. Together, they demonstrate the pattern Kwan […]

July 2010 Black belt test

New black belts

Congratulations to our new Black Belts! After training long and hard Kristian Frye, John Buck and Priscilla McCabe have earned their first Dan. Master Kelly, a friend of Mr. Mannion’s was supposed to attend and administer the test, but due to vehicular issues was sadly, unable to attend. The black belt test was long and […]

Hwa-Rang by Priscilla McCabe, Kristian Frye, John Buck, Ken Graig

Priscilla, Kris, John, and Ken all earn black stripes at their promotion test in January, 2010. John and Kris perform the pattern Hwa-Rang. Now, it’s Ken and Priscilla’s turn:

Sparring: Ken, Priscilla, Kristian, and John

Below are videos of the January promotion test. Our red belts took turns sparring each other. It takes a great deal of courage and confidence to stand face to face and fight with people. Especially people who are already pretty good at fighting! We are very pleased that our students demonstrate self-control while still demonstrating […]

Redbelt board breaking mayhem: Ken, Priscilla, Kristian and John

With an excellent board breaking display, all 4 of our red belts each broke 2 boards with each leg in a continuous manner. Taekwon-Do emphasizes equal training for left and right sides of the body for balanced results. This demonstration shows how effectively our students have practiced.

Red belt promotion test

Kristian and Priscilla are on their way to black belt after passing the test for their first black stripe. They will now begin learning the final color belt pattern Choong Moo. For their test, they were required to demonstrate the ability to break with each leg equally by breaking two boards with a back kick. […]

Owen McCabe, 1st Dan, Sept. 24, 2009

The following was submitted to the Hometown Advantage for the October release. Owen McCabe of Worcester earns 1st Degree Black belt On September 24, 2009, Taekwon-Do International recognized 14 year old Worcester resident Owen McCabe as a certified black belt. Having trained diligently since March of 2006, Owen was invited to test by Oneonta Taekwon-Do […]

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