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McCabe black belt interim testing

Congratulations to Owen and Priscilla McCabe on their interim tests. Both McCabes have been an integral part of our successful children’s program. While color belts test every 3 months, black belts only test every 6 months. Promotions to 2nd, 3rd degree and higher take years of practice before qualifying. Together, they demonstrate the pattern Kwan […]

Owen McCabe interim black belt test

Black belts give test demonstrations approximately every 6 months.  Owen had an excellent test demonstrating kicking combinations, Kwan-Gae, board breaking and sparring. Below are videos of Owen breaking 3 boards with a back kick and two boards with a reverse punch.

Owen McCabe, 1st Dan, Sept. 24, 2009

The following was submitted to the Hometown Advantage for the October release. Owen McCabe of Worcester earns 1st Degree Black belt On September 24, 2009, Taekwon-Do International recognized 14 year old Worcester resident Owen McCabe as a certified black belt. Having trained diligently since March of 2006, Owen was invited to test by Oneonta Taekwon-Do […]

Red belt sparring March 2009

Our school emphasizes disciplined free-fighting. There are many opportunities to demonstrate powerful kicking and punching. During sparring with classmates however, we look for students to demonstrate controlled accuracy with only a few permitted targets. Only kicks to the chest guard or side of the head are permitted. Punches are permitted to the chest guards as […]

Test picture January 2008

Congratulations to all those who tested and thank you to all students who came to support.

Owen McCabe board break

Owen breaks 2 boards with a back kick and 2 boards with a reverse punch when testing for red belt in August 2008.

Owen McCabe demonstrates Toi-Gye

From the August 2008 test, Owen McCabe demonstrates Toi-Gye

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