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Promotion test videos: June 29th, 2012

Congratulations to Ray Kelly on getting his yellow belt! Also present were Shelby Zemken and Emily Lincoln, testing for their green stripes. Thomas and Leo came to test for their blue belts: Aidan and Dylan Neer tested for their first red stripe: And finally, Lori Paparteys tested for her first black stripe.

Ben, Lori, and Guaire earn green belts

Something about the green belt is very satisfying. It symbolizes that the “plant is growing”. Lori, Ben and Guaire each performed admirably during their green belt test. Sorry we missed Ben’s board break! Demonstrating basics: Demonstrating Do-San: Lori and Guaire’s lead leg side kick break “in sync”:

October 2010 promotion test

Congratulations to everyone who tested at our first test at 203 Main St. The natural echo of the space really adds excitement to the board breaks! Aidan, Dylan, and Jack demonstrate Chon-Ji and Aidan demonstrates a cross behind side-kick to break a board.  (Sorry Jack and Dylan, we missed your board break!) Ben, Lori, Devyn, […]

Lori Paparteys and Ben Haehnel earn yellow belts

Congratulations to Lori and Ben for earning their yellow belts.  They performed very well, especially in their ability to stay synchronized during Chon-Ji. Neither has practiced martial arts before and have worked very hard to earn their rank.  We are very proud of their commitment and determination.

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