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McCabe black belt interim testing

Congratulations to Owen and Priscilla McCabe on their interim tests. Both McCabes have been an integral part of our successful children’s program. While color belts test every 3 months, black belts only test every 6 months. Promotions to 2nd, 3rd degree and higher take years of practice before qualifying. Together, they demonstrate the pattern Kwan […]

Lori Paparteys and Ben Haehnel earn yellow belts

Congratulations to Lori and Ben for earning their yellow belts.  They performed very well, especially in their ability to stay synchronized during Chon-Ji. Neither has practiced martial arts before and have worked very hard to earn their rank.  We are very proud of their commitment and determination.

Correcting mistakes

Board Breaking Tips One of the things I love most about Taekwon-Do practitioners is their unique openness to trying new things despite potential failures. Not the least of which is our exposure when demonstrating a board break at a test. Everyone wants to break on the first attempt (including the holders!) All eyes are upon […]

Theo Carbone, a blue belt

Congratulations to Theo on his promotion to Blue belt. Theo began his Taekwon-Do journey many years ago in Oneonta where he earned a blue belt but was forced to stop training when his instructor retired. We are pleased that Theo could put on a white belt and train dilligently while working back to his previous […]

Cael McCabe earns his red belt

Cael McCabe earns his red belt. In this post are videos of Cael demonstrating Toi-Gye, board breaking, and sparring with Tom Hill. Cael performs the pattern Toi-Gye. Cael breaks two boards with a back kick, and two boards with a cross-behind side kick. Keep in mind the force that must be generated to break 1 […]

Finn Brown earns a green stripe, Dylan Winsor earns a green belt

Finn Brown earns his green stripe, while Dylan Winsor earns a green belt Dylan Windsor performs the Do-San pattern, while Finn Brown performs Dan-Gun. Finn breaks a board with a lead-leg side kick, Dylan breaks a board with a rear-leg side kick. With stationary side kicks, there is always the challenge of producing momentum. These […]

John Buck breaks 2 boards with alternating back kicks July 2009

Demonstrating well-balanced training, John Buck breaks 2 boards with each leg using a back kick at his promotion test in July 2009.

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