Taekwon-Do Sparring Rules

Oneonta Taekwon-Do

School Rules

Sparring / Free fighting



All students are expected to observe the following rules
for free fighting and sparring:


  1. Sparring is only permitted with an instructor’s permission and supervision.
  2. All students must wear protective gear:
    1. Mouthguard
    2. Headgear
    3. Chest protector
    4. Shin, ankle and foot protection
    5. Forearm, wrist and hand protection
    6. Males should wear groin protection
  3. Punching above shoulder level is not permitted.
  4. Kicking contact to the head is permitted; contact to the face must be avoided.
  5. Contact to the back or below the belt is not permitted.
  6. Students must follow the Instructor’s directions at all times.
  7. Bullying or aggressive behavior toward smaller or weaker opponents is not permitted.


In addition, the following guidelines should be observed at all times:

–        Inform your instructor and your partner of any injuries or limitations you have.

–        Communicate with your partner if the intensity or level of contact is too high.

–        Stop sparring immediately upon request of the instructor or your partner.

–        Bow before and after sparring to acknowledge friendship and cooperation.

–        Spar at the pace/level of the least experienced practitioner.

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