Taekwon-do Oath

I shall always be loyal to my country.

Sacrifice to fulfill my duty to my country and my people. This is the spirit of Hwa Rang.

I shall always cooperate with other black belts.

Hold together with cooperation and concord.

I shall always be respectful to my elders.

Protect the rights of the weak with courtesy and modesty.

I shall always be faithful to my teacher.

Learn the truth through practice of duty, loyalty and perfection.

I shall always be faithful to friends.

Honor friendship and be peaceful and happy with harmony and faith toward all mankind.

I shall face combat only in justice and with honor.

Be able to distinguish between good and bad with fairness and rightfulness.

I shall never retreat in battle.

Sacrifice for justice with capability and bravery.

I shall always finish what I start.

Move to action with sureness and with hope.

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