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Instructor Jennifer Butler, 2nd Dan

Instructor Jennifer Butler, 2nd Dan

Instructor Jennifer Butler, 2nd Dan

Instructor Jennifer Butler currently resides in New Berlin, NY and works for a NYS facility as a senior accountant. She began training at Oneonta Taekwon-do in May 2009 but got her first start while in college. “I recommend all women learn self defense to protect themselves in this crazy world! It’s also a good way to keep in shape.”Her favorite part of Taekwon-do is seeing the thrill on the new members faces after they have broken their first board. “It’s always great to see them smiling when they’ve made such a huge accomplishment. It’s especially nice to see the thrill on the faces of the children and the mentally challenged members who have made such a huge impact on us all.” Instructor Butler loves coming to class to see all the current and new members. She considers her fellow students as family and knows that strong bonds form over the years. She enjoys instructing and showing the tips she has learned along the way.

Her advice to new students is that martial arts takes determination. “It isn’t easy. It helps build a lot of confidence in children, young adults and adults of all ages. Keep persevering and before long you will have accomplished tasks you never thought possible!”

“Taekwon-do has really helped me improve as a person; not just physically, but mentally as well.”

When she is not working or training, Ms. Butler enjoys spending time with her cat, Ripley, her dogs Murphy and Bella and her horse, Prophet. She also loves kayaking and traveling with her significant other, Bob. Ms. Butler recently became a grandmother and loves being with her granddaughter whenever she can.

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