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Black Belt Club

Black Belt Club at Oneonta Taekwon-Do

  • Does not cost a penny extra.  No extra fees.  No special uniform requirements or purchases.
  • Is for all students who have the desire, skill, and conduct to one day represent our school as a black belt.

    Black belt is only the beginning....

    Black belt is only the beginning….

  • Prepares students to have an AWESOME black belt test.
  • Receives the first invite for public demonstrations
  • Practices techniques and skills which are not taught in regular classes
  • Requires:
    • 100% effort in class every day
    • Punching, kicking, and blocking hard and fast
    • Listening quietly when the instructor is speaking
    • Demonstrating all 5 school rules at every class
    • Demonstrating the tenets of Taekwon-Do
    • Approval from your employer, school teachers, and family

The point of Black Belt Club is to help students attain their personal best.  It is not simply a group of the most talented athletes.  To be eligible for Black Belt Club, a student does not need to have the best technique or the prettiest patterns in the school.

How do students qualify for Black Belt Club?

In order to give the best training, a teacher needs students who concentrate, listen, and try their best.  Observance of school rules is the first requirement.  Firmly responding “Yes Sir!” or “Yes Ma’am!” when speaking to a black belt instructor gives the instructor a sense of trust that a student is paying attention and is capable of carrying out the teacher’s request with care and enthusiasm.  Bowing to the flags and the instructor when entering provides the school with confidence in your level of respect for Taekwon-Do.  As a representative of our black belt club and a future black belt, we need to know that you think our school and its instructors are worthy of courtesy and consideration.  Kindness, patience, and respect for your fellow classmates is also required.  Talking to your classmates while the teacher is instructing is a distraction to them.  Always give 100% effort on each technique to make your kicks, punches, and blocks as powerful and accurate as they can be.  By practicing with sincerity and enthusiasm, you will be able to attain the skills needed to become an awesome black belt!

Learn more about what’s going on with Black Belt Club in the Black Belt Club section of our website.

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