For the holidays we will be closed Dec 22nd-26th, reopening the 27th, then closed again Dec 29th-Jan 2nd, reopening on the 3rd.

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Basic Korean

Basic Korean Language and Terminology

Grand Master Kwan Jang Nim
Instructor Sah Bum Nim
Taekwon-Do School Do Jang
Attention Cha Ryut
Bow Kyung Net
Ready Joon Bee
Begin Shi Jak
Stop/Finish Goh Man
Pattern Tul
Stance Soh Gi
One Hana
Two Dul
Three Set
Four Net
Five Da Sut
Six Ya Sut
Seven Il Gop
Eight Yo Dul
Nine Ah Hop
Ten Yul

All students are encouraged to download, print, and memorize the information on this sheet.

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