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Our School

School rules Tenets of Taekwondo Basic Korean

Our school is the only school in Oneonta that teaches original and traditional Taekwondo. Oneonta Taekwondo focuses on teaching sound and effective Taekwondo and self-defense techniques to each student.

We have classes that offer basic fundamentals, self-defense, competition sparring, forms, children’s instruction and black belt instruction. We encourage our students to attend as many classes as they like. Our goal is to teach each student to reach his or her maximum potential as a martial artist.

The school motto at Oneonta Taekwondo is:

Improvement of Mind and Body – Taekwondo is an unarmed Korean martial art that is not only a way of kicking and punching, but also a way of thinking and living.

Ethical Self-Conduct – While we teach and practice very effective and powerful kicking and punching techniques to help our students develop their physical technique and skills, we also emphasize the virtues of acting with wisdom, compassion and courage in all aspects of Taekwondo practice and life.

Unity Among Members – We would like our students to consider our school to be their home as martial artists. Our students make up a variety of ages, experiences and backgrounds. When we practice Taekwondo, it is our desire to learn that brings us together as a family.

We are located at 203 Main Street in downtown Oneonta next to Sears Hometown Store:

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  1. hi? am willigis from kenya.and i have recently opened a taekwondo club in my county(isiolo)even though 90 percent of the people dont know what taekwondo is all about.i know want to popularize it here.anyway i just wonna wish oneonta well in your endevours.

    with much respect WILLIGIS MUTHOMI

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