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Important Papers

Important Student forms and papers

The following forms should be downloaded and printed as needed by students and their parents.  The forms are also available at the school if you need them.  Please click on the image to bring up a full sized, printable image.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print these files.


Belt Stripe System

This document explains the requirements for each belt stripe.  Students up to and including 8th grade are required to earn all 6 stripes as well as meet the requisite number of classes before they are eligible to test.

Merit stripes are earned through demonstrating excellent behavior while technique stripes are earned by demonstrating proper skills in class.


Parent Letter

To earn a green stripe, students must demonstrate excellent behavior at home.This form must be completed by a parent or guardian with specific details on how the child is demonstrating black belt behavior at home.


Teacher letter

To earn a BLUE stripe, students must demonstrate excellence in school.  We expect all students to earn straight A’s in school within 1 year of joining.  In addition to earning grades, we expect Taekwon-Do students to demonstrate black belt behavior in class by helping others, having excellent manners, paying attention, and completing their assignments on time, every time.This form must be completed by a teacher.  During summer months or in cases where a child is home schooled, students can ask other types of teachers for letters such as piano teacher, dance instructor, baseball coach, etc.  Home school students can also certainly have their teacher letter completed by their parent although it should be specific to their schoolwork habits.


Promotion test form

Students must complete the top section of the form.  The form must be signed by the student or a parent/guardian.  Only the name, age, current rank, and requested rank need to be filled in.

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