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Looking to feel great, get in shape, and have fun?  The classes at Oneonta Taekwon-Do give you something that no gym can offer: personalized instruction.  Our classes all offer a workout for the mind and body.  Forget the water cooler and the politics of the health club.  Come to a place where you can experience qualified teachers leading you through exercises that are fun and work your body to it’s full potential.

Coupons are good for any class:

Tai Chi, Taekwon-Do, Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga, Belly Dance, Belly Burn, or Zumba Fitness®

The fineprint:  You are free to try any class you like provided you are not already a student!  Good for your first class only.  To claim your coupon, simply complete the form below and we will email you a confirmation.  After you confirm your email address, you’ll receive a printable coupon which you can bring with you to the next scheduled class!

We will not spam you and we never sell your information to anyone for any reason.  You can unsubscribe any time.

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Free Trial Week

Free Adult or Children classes in Oneonta Prospective students are invited to try a week of classes for FREE! Wear loose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to stretch, breathe, kick, punch, block, and sweat!

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Pattern Tutorials

WATCH the Patterns! Whether you're looking to practice or want a sneak peek at patterns you can learn, feel free to watch and enjoy!

WATCH the Patterns!


Come and look at just some of the things you can learn to do!

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