Children’s Classes

Physical Benefits of Taekwon-Do

The physical benefits of Taekwon-Do will be immediately noticeable for children of all ages. The rudimentary self-defense moves of Taekwon-Do, such as kicking, punching, striking and blocking teach children coordination and concentration. As children become more advanced, they will learn the more dynamic techniques of Taekwon-Do, such as combinations and jumping and spinning kicks. Overall, Taekwon-Do offers a full mind and body workout for children. The techniques and format of the classes are aerobic and engaging and bring out the athlete in each child.

Unlike other after-school sports, Taekwon-Do practice is extremely individual and personal to each child. Everyone participates equally in class and each child’s goal and achievement is unique and personal to him or herself. We monitor each child’s progress carefully and set individualized goals for them to achieve. Our objective is to help all our students reach their potential in the martial arts, but more importantly, we hope our children will grow up strong and healthy with a solid foundation in physical fitness.

Mental and Behavioral Benefits of Taekwon-Do

Oneonta Taekwon-Do is a traditional school of martial arts, and as such, the students are held to a high standard of discpline and conduct. Our children are taught to answer their instructors with “Yes, Sir” or “Yes, Ma’am” on the very first day and are then slowly introduced to the other basic courtesies and ethics of martial arts practice. Through little courtesies like bowing children learn discipline and respect, which often carry through into their home and school lives.

Beyond that, we also teach children the tenets of Taekwon-Do by expecting higher standards during practice. The tenets of Taekwon-Do are: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. By focusing on these virtues, we try to develop self-esteem, kindness, confidence and spirit in all our students. We also ask parents to participate in this endeavor by reading and posting our “Children’s Home Rules” at home and keeping track of their children’s good behavior with a citizenship chart that every child receives.

For us Taekwon-Do is not just atheltics or kicking and punching. It is a martial art that seeks to develop character and cultivate both the mind and body of the practitioner. It is with this discipline and focus that we teach our students.


What will my child learn?

Our primary objective is to teach kids how to listen, focus and achieve self-discipline and confidence through Taekwon-Do practice. The physical practice of Taekwon-Do will improve strength, fitness and coordination, while the mental practice of Taekwon-Do will teach respect, kindness, courage, leadership and other valuable life lessons.

Who is teaching my child?

Every Taekwon-Do class at Oneonta Taekwon-Do is taught by a black belt certified by Taekwon-Do International.   Master Ray Mannion, a student of Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim oversees the children’s program and certifies their rank.  The student-teacher ratio is around 4 to 1.

What is expected of our students?

We emphasize effort and sincerity of practice in our classes. We expect children to listen well, learn and try their best at all times.

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