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Promotion test videos December 2011

Congratulations to all those who tested!  Thank you to everyone who came out to support the students.  Rest up over the Christmas holiday and be ready to come back with a full mind, body, and spirit! Bradon Pullyblank demonstrated an excellent effort, concentrated focus, and solid technique. Sheadan Rifenbark made her board break look easy […]

White belt test videos April 2011

Congratulations to Elias, Jon, Numfor, Leo, Angela, Justin, Rick, and Jesse. All performed very well at the promotion test and earned yellow belts. This is by far the largest group of white belts to test together at Oneonta Taekwon-Do and we are very proud of their dedication to practicing. Here, the boys demonstrate Chon Ji […]

March 2011 promotion test

Congratulations to everyone who tested!  Enjoy your videos and be sure to share the links on facebook and youtube! White belts Nicole, Rylie, and Sheadan did a great job with their board breaks. Basics:   Board breaking: Yellow belts Next, we have Meagan and Kara testing for their green stripes and Devyn testing for green […]

Finn earns his yellow belt

Congratulations to Phineas Brown-Collins, aka “Finn”, for earning his yellow belt. Finn was able to test in record time due to his excellent attendance and at-home practice. Finn demonstrates basics: Finn demonstrates self-defense 1,2,3: We thank Finn for remembering to bow to the board holders. What excellent courtesy:

Jennifer Butler promotion test

Congratulations to Ms. Jennifer Butler on earning her green stripe. Dan-Gun is a pattern with 21 movements and is named after the Holy Dan Gun, the legendary founder of Korea. All of the punches in Dan-Gun are high punches. We hope Jennifer enjoys Do-San even more than Dan-Gun!

John Buck lead leg side kick board break

I apologize for the video editing – there is about 10 seconds of blank footage before John’s board break…

Taekwon-do Woman

I’m sure Priscilla can relate to this woman’s story. She has great perspective on those first few classes. They can be so intimidating. Taekwon-do for Women Every winner was once a beginner. I hope all students of Oneonta Taekwon-do continue to extend their encouragement to new students. It takes tremendous courage to put on a […]

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