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March 2012 Blue belt and Red belt promotions

Congratulations to Addison, Nizam, and Dr. Mark! Somehow, we missed Dr. Mark’s pattern demonstration – sorry Dr. Mark!

July 2011 promotion test

Congratulations to all those who tested.  Enjoy learning your new patterns.  The next test is August 18th, only 4 weeks away. Justin and Rick demonstrate Dan-Gun. Justin and Rick break a board with a rear leg side kick. Jeff, previously a red belt in another school, demonstrates Dan Gun and Do San and earns his […]

Red belts Jennifer and Tyler earn stripes

Jennifer earned her first black stripe and Tyler earned his second at the April test. Jennifer and Tyler demonstrate Hwa-Rang: Tyler demonstrates Choong-Moo: Jennifer breaks two boards with each leg using a back kick: Tyler breaks two boards with each leg using a back kick: Finally, Tyler and Jennifer end with sparring:

Dr. Mark and Tyler earn black stripes

Congratulations to Tyler and Dr. Mark on earning their black stripes. Tyler has been practicing very diligently since earning his red belt in October. Dr. Mark is a charter member of the Tuesday/Thursday 3pm class and has shown great dedication to his training since November. This is his first promotion test at Oneonta Taekwon-Do since […]

Cael McCabe earns a black stripe

Congratulations to soccer star Cael “McLegs” McCabe on earning his first black stripe. After demonstrating red belt level kicking techniques with legs made like rubber bamboo, and Hwa-Rang, he broke 2 boards with each leg using back kicks. Finally, he sparred with his cousin Finn. We hope Cael has a successful fall soccer season and […]

July 2010 Black belt test

New black belts

Congratulations to our new Black Belts! After training long and hard Kristian Frye, John Buck and Priscilla McCabe have earned their first Dan. Master Kelly, a friend of Mr. Mannion’s was supposed to attend and administer the test, but due to vehicular issues was sadly, unable to attend. The black belt test was long and […]

Hwa-Rang by Priscilla McCabe, Kristian Frye, John Buck, Ken Graig

Priscilla, Kris, John, and Ken all earn black stripes at their promotion test in January, 2010. John and Kris perform the pattern Hwa-Rang. Now, it’s Ken and Priscilla’s turn:

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