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Black belt demonstrations

Instructor Davis demonstrated 2nd degree black belt patterns.  Unfortunately, the camera battery died so we missed some patterns. Mr. Goodrich demonstrated for his 3rd interim and Priscilla demonstrated for her 2nd interim test.

McCabe black belt interim testing

Congratulations to Owen and Priscilla McCabe on their interim tests. Both McCabes have been an integral part of our successful children’s program. While color belts test every 3 months, black belts only test every 6 months. Promotions to 2nd, 3rd degree and higher take years of practice before qualifying. Together, they demonstrate the pattern Kwan […]

Correcting mistakes

Board Breaking Tips One of the things I love most about Taekwon-Do practitioners is their unique openness to trying new things despite potential failures. Not the least of which is our exposure when demonstrating a board break at a test. Everyone wants to break on the first attempt (including the holders!) All eyes are upon […]

July 2010 Black belt test

New black belts

Congratulations to our new Black Belts! After training long and hard Kristian Frye, John Buck and Priscilla McCabe have earned their first Dan. Master Kelly, a friend of Mr. Mannion’s was supposed to attend and administer the test, but due to vehicular issues was sadly, unable to attend. The black belt test was long and […]

Black belt isn’t just something you “get”

Most martial artists and non-martial artists understand that a black belt is something you “earn”, not just something you “get”. But, please hear me out, I would like to take it a step further.¬† I like to think of a black belt as something in the present tense. I like to think of a black […]

Brian Davis interim black belt testing

Mr. Davis demonstrates Eui-Am and Choong-Jang. Unfortunately, I neglected to set the camera to record his excellent 4 board back kick break.

Owen McCabe interim black belt test

Black belts give test demonstrations approximately every 6 months.  Owen had an excellent test demonstrating kicking combinations, Kwan-Gae, board breaking and sparring. Below are videos of Owen breaking 3 boards with a back kick and two boards with a reverse punch.

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