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May promotion test videos

Oneonta Taekwon-Do Test Picture May 2013

Congratulations to all those who tested! Please enjoy and share these videos of students breaking boards, sparring, and performing patterns at a promotion test in Oneonta

February 2012 Promotion test videos

Below are videos from the February promotion test.  Everyone did very well and it was a pleasure to watch all of the sparring.  Congratulations to all those who tested.  Your hard work and dedication are what got you here.  We hope you enjoy the next phase of your Taekwon-Do journey.  Please share this page on […]

July 2011 promotion test

Congratulations to all those who tested.  Enjoy learning your new patterns.  The next test is August 18th, only 4 weeks away. Justin and Rick demonstrate Dan-Gun. Justin and Rick break a board with a rear leg side kick. Jeff, previously a red belt in another school, demonstrates Dan Gun and Do San and earns his […]

Christina, Addison, Alex and Jaden earn blue belts

Congratulations to our 4 new blue belts.  Their dedicated training since January 2010 is showing evidence of power and coordination.  Blue belt is a very enjoyable time as a Taekwon-Do practitioner and we hope they “reach for the sky”.

Green belt testing for Kent and Finn

Kent made his first appearance at a promotion test in Oneonta. He demonstrated Dan-Gun and basic techniques along with step sparring before finally breaking a board with a rear leg side kick. Congratulations to Phineas Brown Collins on earning his blue belt. Blue belt signifies “the plant reaching up to the sky”, indicative of Finn’s […]

Terri Graig earns her Blue Belt!

Congratulations to Terri on her successful promotion to blue belt. Blue belt carries significant meaning and is a huge milestone in Taekwon-Do training. We wish her continued success and thank her for her dedicated training. Terri demonstrates basics and Yul-Gok Terri and Jennifer demonstrate self-defense and 2 step sparring: Terri breaks two boards with a […]

Christina, Tom, and Tyler Hill earn Blue belts

Congratulations to the Hill family for successfully earning their Blue belts on Sept 24, 2009. For their promotion test, they were required to demonstrate basic techniques, step-sparring, and self-defense. They also performed Yul-Gok and broke two boards each with a rear leg side kick.

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