For the holidays we will be closed Dec 22nd-26th, reopening the 27th, then closed again Dec 29th-Jan 2nd, reopening on the 3rd.

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Hi Everone!
I would just like to thank all of the students for their courtesy and indomitable spirit these past few weeks.  I’m very pleased with how kindly everyone has treated each other.  It is wonderful to work with  fellow martial artists.  The support and enthusiasm is amazing.
Below are a couple of updates

This Thursday, Sept 25, 5:30-7:30pm

This week is all about SPARRING!  Every class will be focused on the techniques, mental mindset, and the rules/etiquette of sparring.  This Thursday, all students of the adult classes (teens and adults) are encouraged to attend the 5:30 class and stay for an hour of sparring afterward.  All students wishing to practice contact sparring must have complete equipment including a mouthguard.  We have a couple mouthguards and a couple pieces of equipment.  Students who do not have sparring gear are welcome to have non-contact sparring.  It will be a very fun night with everyone taking turns with each other.

Saturday Oct 4, 1-4pm

We are two weeks from the Women’s Self-Defense seminar and fundraiser!  It’s open to all women (we are recommending ages 16 and up) and there is no cost.  We are asking for donations payable to Opportunities for Otsego.  Their Violence Intervention Program helps families struggling with the aftermath of domestic violence.  To learn more, please join our Facebook event and complete the registration at  Please also share the event on facebook and encourage your friends and family to join.

Friday Oct 10, 5pm

Our next promotion test is Friday, October 10th and starts at 5pm.  We expect to have about 10-12 people including Instructor Thomas Slicer doing an interim exam.  There should be some exciting sparring and board breaking.  Please come out to support all those who are testing.  If you are not sure if you should test, please count your classes and ask an instructor.

Other Announcements

Did you know we have free WiFi for those of you watching?  The network name and password is written on the wall by the desk.  Of course we know you want to watch the exciting classes, but if you want to take a moment to update your Facebook status and check-in, we completely understand!
Did you know our website has videos of the patterns for you to enjoy and learn from?  Visit
Please be sure to follow us on Facebook if you aren’t already and add me as a friend.
It is a very exciting time for our school.  Thanks again for your support.
Ray Mannion
4th Dan

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