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2013 has been an incredible year for Oneonta Taekwon-Do indeed!
This December marks 8 years since Brian Davis and I started working out in a garage together. October was the start of our 4th year in our current location and the start of our 7th year “in business”.  (You can read our history here.)

I am extremely grateful for the hard work and support of all of our students and most especially Priscilla McCabe, Brian Davis, John Buck, Lori Paparteys, and Phineas. Over the years, they have given a tremendous amount of their time, money, supplies, and sweat to the school. While I would love to pursue this school on a full-time basis, the demand and smallness of Oneonta can’t support me and my family. If it weren’t for the volunteer work of these individuals, we surely would be nowhere on the map. Last I checked, we were rounding the corner on the 225th student to sign up for our classes. With 13 black belt certificates issued and a sure handful testing next year, I feel we have made a big impact on our community through the students, their families, co-workers, schoolmates and friends. Thank you all for making this possible.

As we moved into September, I decided to put all of my available effort and resources into growing the school. We added more classes, we invested in advertising, we gave up time on weekends for birthday parties and demonstrations. It was a huge investment and my experience learning from 7th Dan Master Tony Morris is largely responsible for the growth and success we’ve experienced during this time.

I’ve come to experience that larger, fuller classes are more fun. When we have classes of 12 to 20 students, it is easier to match students up with partners. There is more energy in the room and our students become more friendly with each other. And really, that is largely the point of the school in the first place.

Going forward, we are going to switch to a “simpler” format of two classes per day with a time slot for Black belts and a time slot for “open mat”. The open mat time will give us time to work with students who want to work on extra patterns, sparring, board breaking techniques, self-defense, or anything in our curriculum.

Whenever we change the schedule, there are always people who are inconvenienced as a result. I am very sorry to those of you who will find it a hardship to adjust to our new schedule. For the school to remain strong and successful, it has become necessary to tighten the schedule and keep our student base close.

At the request of my accountant, I am asking all students to switch to the auto-debit payment method upon their next renewal. You can choose whether to have your card charged on the 1st of the 15th. Too much of my time is being spent as a bookkeeper and collection agency. There are also some tax considerations involved when we collect tuition for more than 1 month at a time. Your support of this is greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to print and complete the credit-card-form and bring it to the school if you are up for tuition payment in December.

This month we expect to have one of our best ever promotion test evenings. We will have a number of black belts demonstrating – including Instructor Brown, Ms. McCabe, Jennifer Butler, and Dr. Barreto. In addition, I’m VERY honored and pleased to announce that Master Dawn Sardinas, 5th Dan will be our guest judge. Master Sardinas has always been an inspiration to me due to her kindness, professionalism, humility, exceptional fighting ability, and tremendous power. She launched and ran the first children’s program at Grandmaster Kim’s school in NYC before turning it over to Master Geber. She also opened a school on the east side of Manhattan with great success. She is widely sought after for her knowledge and experience on teaching children and running successful children’s programs. (She is also famous in the union for her demonstration of board breaking while wearing heels – truly demonstrating that she is both a lady and a force to be respected!)

So, to recap:

1) Please complete the credit-card-form if you are due for tuition in December.

2) Please download and become familiar with the new schedule.

3) Please come to the promotion test on Friday Dec 13th at 5pm

4) Please have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.  We have classes today and will be open this Saturday at 9:30.

5) Thank you for all of your support

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  1. Thanks. We did get the new schedule.

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