Oneonta Taekwon-Do Parent Home Letter

Green Stripe – Parent Home Letter

All Oneonta Taekwon-Do students in elementary school must have their parents approval to progress to the next belt rank. Furthermore, part of the Oneonta Taekwon-Do belt stripe system includes a requirement for parents to submit a letter explaining how their child has behaved in a special way at home.  Click here to download the form

All Oneonta Taekwon-Do students are expected to be kind to their siblings

A true martial artist understands that good behavior reaps its own rewards. A true martial artist gains respect, support, and friendship by acts respect, support, and friendship. The best way for our students to learn these behaviors is to experience them first hand and be rewarded for doing so.

The form lists a few ways in which a child can demonstrate black belt behavior at home. We ask that parents take a few minutes to consider ways the child may have exhibited acts of kindness or consideration at home and let the school know so that we are confident our students are excellent role models inside the do-jang and out.

Show respect

– Respecting your parents time and responsibility means listening when they talk and responding immediately. A parent who asks a child for assistance or asks a question deserves an immediate and kind response.

Download / Print in PDF format

Download / Print in PDF format

Clean your room

– Your outward appearance is a reflection of your inner state of mind. A room kept tidy and clean reflects a person who takes care of him or herself and respects the personal belongings that others have worked hard to provide. Cleaning your room is an everyday activity which takes only a couple of minutes per day.

Be Kind to Siblings

– In the do-jang, our school motto teaches “Unity Among Members”. Members of your own family deserve your love and support. Helping a sibling with homework or chores or simply encouraging them through a performance or competition are great ways to express kindness.

Spread the Love

– We love our friends and family, but too often we miss opportunities to let people know how much we appreciate them. When a child verbalizes something for which they are appreciative, they gain the habit of praising those around them. Appreciation and love are two gifts you give yourself by sharing them with others.

Oneonta Taekwon-Do students are expected to keep their rooms neat and clean every day

Oneonta Taekwon-Do students are expected to keep their rooms neat and clean every day

Do it the First Time

– Build the habit of tackling your responsibilities head on rather than waiting for reminders, nagging, or repeated requests. When you know a chore needs to be done, it is best for everyone involved to simply take action and do it the first time.

Go Above and Beyond

– Exceed people’s expectations by being the first to notice ways to assist and support those around you.

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