Fathers, Lazers, Black belts, Lions and Summer Camp

Father’s Day special!

All Dads get a 4th month free or simply try one month for only $29 and get a free uniform.  Now is the time for all Dads to get in shape and learn practical self-defense.  Come on in and release some stress, feel great, and try something new.   Special is only good until July 4th so call today!

Win 2 passes to Dragonscape Lazertag and Arcade!

In July, we will give away 4 pairs of passes to play Lazer Tag at the new Dragonscape Lazer Tag!!  To be entered in the drawing, students must simply attend more classes in July than they attended in June.  At the end of July we will tally up the total number of classes attended by each student.  Students who attend more classes in July than June will be entered into a drawing.  4 students will be selected at random and will win 2 passes to play Lazer Tag!

Summer Camp

Spaces are filling up for our summer camp.  Children aged 6-12 are invited to join us for fun filled mornings from 9am to Noon.  Campers will have two 30 minute Taekwon-Do classes interspersed with games and snacks.  Weather permitting; we will practice in Neawha park.  We have purchased over 400 water balloons, enough to have one huge water balloon fight each week!  Students get a t-shirt, camp uniform and free uniform laundry!  Visit http://oneontatkd.com/camp today to pre-register.

Refer a friend and get a free promotion test or uniform!!

Black belt demonstration and promotion test Friday June 28

Please come support Alex and Christina Mannion as they test for their 1st Dan black belts.  They have been training hard, studying, and running in preparation for their test.  This should be a fun test with students of all ranks on hand to demonstrate patterns, sparring, and board breaking.  If you are testing, please complete your testing form and submit a check this week!

Mighty Lions Promotion!

Congratulations to our Mighty Lion students.  Graham, Aidan, Lucas, and Jack will test for their White-Yellow belts on Friday June 28th at 4:00pm.  Please come out to watch and support them as they demonstrate what they’ve learned.

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