Congratulations to Oneonta Taekwon-Do champion Sheadan Rifenbark!

On Sunday, October 28, 2012, Sheadan Rifenbark competed at SJ Kim’s Interschool Championship in New York City.


Sheadan Rifenbark of Oneonta Taekwon-Do wins 2 golds and 1 silver at SJ Kim’s Interschool Championship in New York City

She represented our school in excellent form and came away winning 2 of the 3 events in which she competed. Competing against students from SJ Kim’s Taekwon-Do, Glenridge Taekwon-Do, Gotham Taekwon-Do, Yang’s Taekwon-Do and others, Sheadan tied for 2nd in board breaking after a 3 way tie for first resulted in a tie breaker. Sheadan broke 2 boards with a reverse punch, 2 boards with a front turning kick, and 1 full board with a back kick.

Caught in a 3 way tie, Sheadan breaks with a back kick


Sheadan demonstrates Yul-Gok with excellent form on her way to gold

the pattern competition, Sheadan took first place by demonstrating Yul-Gok. “Her stances and tempo are really good”, said Master Mannion. “She has a confident composure and fluid movements that make it a pleasure to watch her demonstrate.”

Sheadan is declared sparring champion

Sheadan scores with a front kick as Judges watch and score. Master James Kelley(left), her coach encourages her

In the sparring event, Sheadan was paired against a taller and heavier competitor who also outranked her. Sheadan loves to spar and was the winner of the match thanks to some well placed kicks and careful blocking.

Having met her in Oneonta, Master James Kelley, a 4th dan from SJ Kim’s Taekwon-Do, coached her during the competition. He said, “it was my pleasure. Sheadan was fantastic. She should be proud.”

Everyone at Oneonta Taekwon-Do is very proud of Sheadan for excellence both on and off the mat. She is approaching her 2 year anniversary at Oneonta TKD and plans to test for her blue belt this Friday.

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