Fall 2012 Newsletter

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Wow!  Summer has flown by.  To those who continued training diligently – thanks for your commitment.  To you slackers who took the summer off?  Get your dobok on and get ready to sweat.  We’ve been brewing a number of changes to Oneonta Taekwon-Do and here is a quick run down on what you need to know:

1) Oneonta Martial Arts

In public, you will see less and less of “Oneonta Taekwon-Do” and more and more of “Oneonta Martial Arts”.  Matt Martindale, Wyatt Green, and Ken Graig have done an amazing job over the last several months.  We’ve decided that our location is to become the premier martial arts training facility in a 50 mile radius.  New signs, new brochures, new website, new schedule.

Unfortunately, we had to say farewell to our friends and long-time supporters: Tai-Chi instructor Daniel Blacklock, and Caroline Huxtable, belly dance instructor and troupe leader.

As for OneontaTKD.com – this site will remain and we will use it as more of a resource for our students.

2)  Class Schedule

Effective immediately, children’s classes are at 4:30pm and adult classes are 5:30pm.  There is no second adult class.  It is time to regroup our Taekwon-Do family.  Please print yourself a copy of the weekly class schedule here.

3)  Friday Night Advanced Class 5:30pm

All students blue belt and above are invited to train on Friday nights at 5:30pm.  This class will give us a chance to let black belts practice their patterns and all senior students to enjoy a more vigorous and challenging class.

Next Promotion Test and Demonstration

Please mark your calendar for Friday, September 21st at 5pm.  Please come out and support Dr. Mark Baretto and Phineas Brown-Collins as they test for their 1st Dan black belt.  In addition, there will be black belt demonstrations.  This should be a large test.  If you are not sure if you are testing, please talk to Ms. McCabe or Master Mannion.

Pattern videos posted

Most of you know how to find the ITF pattern videos on YouTube.  However, I thought it would be a good idea to post them in a single location.  If you are trying to learn your new pattern or perfect the one you’re working on, please have a look at the patterns page.

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  1. Leo is so excited to get back to TKD!

  2. Very glad to hear that we’ll see him soon – thanks!

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