O.W.L. Ice Cream Social demonstration

Oneonta World of LearningOneonta Taekwon-Do was very pleased to be invited back to demonstrate at the annual Ice Cream Social sponsored by Oneonta World of Learning (O.W.L.).

Master Mannion, Christina, Finn, Aidan, Dylan, Elizabeth, Lori, Thomas, Ms. McCabe, Mr. Sloan, Dr. Barreto, Jeremiah at the Ice Cream Social

Oneonta World of Learning is a not-for-profit dedicated to opening a children’s museum in Oneonta!  We salute and support their mission to make learning fun and hope our friends will also support their efforts.

In addition to dozens of fun activities at this years event, there performances by spectacular dancers and singers (including Wendy Slicer, mother of our beloved Thomas Slicer).

Our demonstration team chose to offer up a skit this year.  Although brief, it really came together today and we are very proud of Jeremiah, Dr. Barreto, and Lori for pulling it off.

Many thanks to the students who participated and the parents who supported us today.  Every one performed exceptionally well.  The sparring and board (and brick) breaking was very impressive to say the least.

Please share this page with your friends to help showcase the fun side of Taekwon-Do and also to promote this worthy cause.

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