March 2012 promotion test

This promotion test will be particularly memorable to many of us.  Priscilla McCabe was promoted to 2nd Dan and Jennifer Butler earned her 1st Dan black belt.  In addition to the demonstrations during the test, both women ran 2 miles earlier in the day and had to complete a written exam and essay.

Oneonta Taekwon-Do Black Belts

Jennifer Butler, Master Mannion, Master Kelley, Priscilla McCabe, Matt Goodrich

We were honored to have Master James Kelley attend and oversee the test.  Master Kelley is currently a 4th degree black belt training at SJ Kim’s Taekwon-Do in New York City.  Master Kelley and Master Mannion have known each other and trained together since 1998 under Grandmaster Kim’s teaching.  Click here for the black belt videos.

Four white belts tested and earned their yellow belts including Isabella, Elizabeth, Ibrahim and Austin.  Click here for the white belt videos.

Yellow belts Sheadan and Bradon earned a green belt and green stripe, respectively.  Both students chose more difficult board breaking techniques as part of their test and we are proud of their perseverance and success. Click here for videos.

Thomas and Numfor earned their green stripes and tested with a great deal of enthusiasm and effort.   Click here for videos.

Blue belts Addison and Nizam earned a red stripe and a red belt, respectively.  Dr. Mark earned his 2nd black stripe after months of peer pressure from his fellow students.  Click here for Blue belt and Red belt videos.

Master Kelley and Master Mannion began the test with a demonstration of a 4th degree black belt pattern Ul-Ji.  In addition, they executed some challenging board breaks.  Click here for videos by the black belts.

The test was successful thanks to the help and support of the friends and family of our students.  Their encouragement and support of our school is sincerely appreciated.  An extra special thanks to Rick Preston for all of the help and preparation he gave before, during, and after the test.  Thanks also to Mr. Graig, Lori, Theo, Nizam, and Finn for holding boards, setting up the tables and chairs, and cleaning up.

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