February 2012 newsletter

One month FREE

Any new student can bring in a printed copy of this email to get a month free.  Please forward to a friend! The email must be presented before March 1, 2012.

2012 Calendar available for download

Download the 2012 calendar here.  Please mark your calendars for the annual Taekwon-Do International seminar and summer camps.

Birthday parties

The Do-Jang is available for birthday parties on weekends.  Please talk to Master Mannion or Ms. McCabe about days/times and pricing as well as the services included.  More information is forthcoming.  However, if you or someone you know is looking for a large, indoor location for fun and games, a Taekwon-Do birthday party is a fantastic way to spend a special day!

March seminar

Master Mannion has asked and Master James Kelley has accepted the invitation to come and lead a seminar on Saturday, March 3rd from 1pm until 5pm.  The seminar will focus on patterns and is offered at no charge.  All students green belt and above are encouraged to attend.  The seminar is considered mandatory for red belts and black belts.  If you cannot attend, kindly notify the school.

You will learn the finer points of the patterns including the purposes of the techniques.  Most importantly, you will learn how Master Kim has taught the fundamentals of movement over the years.  Master Kelley has been training with Grandmaster Kim since 1998 continuously and is currently a 4th dan black belt.  Adult students are invited to come out for dinner afterward at a place TBD.

Children’s program expanding

Continuing success with our children’s program has encouraged us to add more weekday classes.  If 4 new students enroll, we will add a class on Tuesdays especially for new students.  The Tuesday class will focus on fundamentals and white belt lessons.  All children students will be invited to participate, but the lessons will be geared towards newer students.  Please spread the word.  We will be following up with parents and children who have been on a waiting list to see if we can get the needed 4 new students.

Credit card payments

We regret that we can no longer process credit card payments using anything other than Paypal.  To pay tuition using a credit card, please send a payment to instructor@oneontatkd.com on PayPal.com  Unfortunately, the cost of other methods is exorbitant and very time consuming.  There are billing services we can use.  However, they always require a 1 year contract which we do not require of our students.

Test videos

The February promotion test videos are posted online.

Please remember that you can request us to remove pictures/videos at any time.  We will endeavor to accommodate your wishes as quickly as possible.  It is our policy not to reference the last names of our students, especially the children for privacy reasons.  Reviewing your videos from time to time is a great way to assess where you need to improve and where you have already improved.

Please like and share the articles on the website and share the pictures and videos on Facebook as much as possible.  It generates interest in our programs and helps us grow to cover the costs to run the school.

Thank you again for all of your support and hard work.

Black uniforms

Many students have inquired about purchasing a black uniform.  We will place the order this Friday.  Our supplier imposes a minimum order quantity.  If you would like to purchase a uniform, the cost is $35 (including a union patch).  Please email us to let us know what size and how many!

Help wanted

If you would like to learn about internet publishing and running a social network website, Master Mannion would like your help in expanding our website to have individual profile pages.  Familiarity with the internet, Facebook, and a little HTML knowledge is preferred but not required.  Contact Master Mannion for more information.

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