Promotion test videos for August 2011

Congratulations to all those who were promoted.  Enjoy learning your new pattern, breaking in your new belts, and remember to look for your attendance card in a different section!

Zach earned his green stripe by demonstrating Chon-Ji and Dan-Gun and then breaking with a rear leg side kick

Congratulations to Lexis and Rylie on earning their green belts.  Because the children’s classes are only offered twice a week, it takes longer for the kids to qualify for a promotion test.  We are proud of the hard work, patience and commitment of these two youngsters and wish them continued success.  Unfortunately, we missed the board break videos – if you have a copy, can you please notify the school?

Congratulations to Justin on earning his green belt.  I’m sure there are many senior belts who are eager to help him break in his new sparring gear.

Phineas Brown-Collins is now a red belt:

Jennifer Butler demonstrates Hwa Rang and breaks two boards with alternating back kicks

Finally, Phineas and Jennifer spar




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