Original, Traditional Taekwon-Do

Two words that we frequently use to describe our Taekwon-Do are “original” and “traditional”.

“Original” is in reference to the original patterns and intent of Taekwon-Do when General Choi and many others came together in 1955. Some years later, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) came into existence with the intent to redefine the movements and develop the art into a competitive sport. Our practice and way is in keeping with the original prpurpose and method of training.

“Traditional” means that we follow the traditions laid before us.  Our purpose is to completely develop ourselves as martial artists. That means keeping our attention on improving our mind and spirit in addition to training our bodies. It also means exploring the use of our skills and way of practice in a variety of confrontational situations both physical and non-physical.

While these two words might indicate a sense of blind faith to old ways, the truth is Taekwon-Do is a living, breathing, and changing art. Grandmaster Kim continues to improve upon his technique, his way of teaching, and his way of training.  I urge all students to keep your minds open for the self-teaching that Taekwon-Do provides.

2 responses to Original, Traditional Taekwon-Do

  1. I like that this post references and explains the difference regarding World Taekwondo without insulting it, even though they are effectively our opposite.

  2. It is really important to keep the traditional aspects in the forms, especially with General Chois’. With so many schools changing forms in the U.S., it is nice to see other schools keep the art intact, as it should be.

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