End of March Newsletter

Mandatory class

All students planning to compete Saturday April 2 in Grandmaster Kim’s tournament must attend class Wednesday March 30.  All students green belt and above are welcome to attend the class as well.  Black belts will assist competitors with designing board break combinations and sparring techniques as well as fine tuning the patterns.  Please bring a check for $60 payable to SJ Kim Taekwondo and complete a registration form.

Next test Friday April 15 @6pm

All students eligible to test must complete and sign the test application and submit a check to the school prior to the test.  This should be a large test.  We decided it would not be fair to have an interim test for some of the white belts but not everyone.  Therefore, we’re asking that everyone with enough classes just plan to test on 4/15.  As always, please stay and enjoy some pizza and beverages after the test.

Welcome Kate Pavlacka

We are pleased to welcome Kate to our location.  She is a licensed massage therapist and certified Craniosacral therapist.  In addition, Kate often writes a column for the Daily Star called disABILITY.  She will be using the office in the back of the building where Mr. Mannion’s office is currently.  Mr. Mannion will be moving into the adjacent room and the men’s changing room will move closer to the studio.  Please welcome her to our space and help spread the word.

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