January 2011 promotion test videos

Our January promotion test was notable in many regards. It was our largest test ever with 17 people promoting. It was also the first time a representative from our union, Taekwon-Do International came to administer.

Oneonta Taekwon-Do was very proud to have Master James Kelley, 4th Dan come from New York City. Master Kelley has been a student of Grandmaster Kim for 13 or more years and has been a mentor and teacher to Mr. Mannion for many of those years.

Indeed, his message before the test was inspirational and motivational, to remember that Taekwon-Do training is a journey and not a destination. With the perspective of 13 years training, Master Kelley conveyed that regardless of the changes or turmoil that one may experience, the consistency of Taekwon-Do is a valuable and helpful factor in life-long success.

Most meaningful perhaps was his message that there will always be people who seem better at one aspect or another, those who test faster or slower, and the importance in simply doing your best. “It’s YOUR journey, not someone elses”, he said.

Regrettably, we missed several board breaks with our video camera.  We would be thrilled to have some help videotaping the next test.  If you have any videos to share, please post them or email the instructor.

McCabe black belt interim test

Andrew and Lexis earn yellow belts

Aidan and Dylan earn green stripes

Ben, Lori, and Guaire earn green belts

Jaden, Alex, Addison, and Christina earn blue stripes

Finn and Jennifer

Dr. Mark and Tyler earn black stripes

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