January 2011 newsletter

Notes from Mr. Mannion

2010 was a turning point for Oneonta TKD in many regards. We launched a very successful children’s program. We promoted 3 new black belts. We moved into a beautiful new location, one I had dreamed of for years. Unfortunately, we also witnessed the loss of some excellent students. Always heartbreaking to me, I hope that some will come to miss our classes and their friends and be able to resume training again.
In 2011, I expect we will continue to grow in size and skill with a few more black belts before the end of the year. Perhaps I will even test for 4th dan in the fall. My promise to you is to continue working to be a better teacher, better student, and better person.

Our senior students and black belts are now more important than ever as it is their example which teaches our new students. Please continue to be the best Taekwon-Do practitioner you can be.

Price specials

We are pleased to announce our unbelievable January Tuition Special, unlimited 2 for 1! For every month of tuition paid, new students will receive a free month. If you have friends or family considering joining our school, now is the time! This offer extends to children as well. Students new to the children’s class will receive a free uniform, new adult students receive a free uniform and a private introductory lesson with a registered Black Belt. Offer expires January 31st, so act now!

Next Promotion test

Our next promotion test, Thursday, January 21st is also our Grand Opening celebration at Oneonta Taekwon-Do’s new location, 55 South Main Street in Oneonta. Master James Kelley, 4th Dan, from SJ Kim Taekwon-Do in New York City will be attending to assist Mr. Mannion in administering the test. Many of our students will be testing for promotion; we expect this to be a long test. Please invite your friends to come and watch. There should be a few black belt demonstrations which are always exciting!
Adults are encouraged to join us for some pool and darts at the Sip & Sail or the Old Spanish Tavern or Rail Benders after the test.

All students yellow belt and above are required to have a TKDI patch on their uniform by January 21st. Please see Mr. Mannion or Mrs. McCabe if you do not have one. All students should receive a patch when earning their yellow belt. SJKim TKD patches are also available at $10 each.

It is recommended that every student have at least one ‘good’ uniform with a patch for testing.

All students must have test forms and fees submitted by Wednesday, January 20th in order to be considered for promotion. No student will be permitted to test without prepaid fee and completed form.

Family night reminder

Children yellow belt and above are now welcome to attend our Thursday 5 pm class with the adults. This is a great opportunity for parents and kids to take class together.

Your feedback needed

We would like to start weekend classes again and need input from our students as to what day and time would be best for them. We have a sign up sheet at the do jang, please let us know if you are interested. Mrs. McCabe is also starting a class for women (and girls) only and she will attempt to make it at a time convenient to all who are interested.

Other classes

Oneonta TKD is now offering classes in Tai Chi, Yoga and Chi Kung. Yoga classes commence Tues January 11. Classes will be weekly, Wednesdays at 7am and Fridays at 5pm. For more details, please visit the newly redesigned Oneonta TKD home page Oneonta TKD students can deduct 50% of tuitions in other classes from their next TKD tuition payment!

Mark your calendar

Please take a moment to download and print our 2011 calendar. It contains important dates including all tests, camps, and competitions.
All red belts and black belts are required to attend at least one Taekwon-Do International event per year. Most students find it a very enlightening experience to train with Grandmaster Kim and fellow union members.
Mr. Mannion has scheduled a seminar for OTKD on Saturday, March 5. All OTKD students green belt and above are encouraged to attend. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills! More information on the content will be provided closer to the date but it will cover technical, historical, and philosophical concepts of Taekwon-Do.

Classes for Arc Otsego

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. McCabe has agreed to offer a weekly class for the clients of Arc Otsego. The Arc Otsego is a private, not-for-profit organization offering comprehensive community-based services, support and programs to individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families throughout Otsego County. Mr. Sloan will be assisting. The classes are offered on Thursdays at 10:30am. Please congratulate both of our instructors on their support of the local community and wish them well in this new program.

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