November Newsletter 2010

Congratulations to all of those who earned new belts last month.  I hope you’re having fun with your new patterns.

First, I want to remind everyone that our Wednesday 6pm class is reserved for students Blue belt and above.  We no longer have a black belt only class on Mondays.  Thank you to the students who are making concessions to leave work early to attend at 5pm.  It is greatly appreciated.  Our senior color belts are marching toward black belt and now is a critical time to help them strengthen their patterns and give them ample opportunity to practice more advanced fighting drills.

Second, I want to welcome several new students to the school!  Meagan has been with us a few weeks now.  We hope to see Doc in class this week.  Chris is our new young blood bringing lots of energy and strength.  In the children’s class, we have Sheadan and Jauslin starting on Monday.  Please help our new students remember to take out their cards, learn the school rules, and tie their belts!

Our next test is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th at 6pm.  I am working on the 2011 calendar and hope to have it posted by December 1st.  Please note that the school will be closed for Thanksgiving beginning Wed 11/24 and resuming classes on the following Monday.  Please see our 2010 calendar for this and the December closings.

Thank you again to all the students who have helped us get settled in the new space and those who helped with the move.  There is still a great deal to come and your patience and assistance is greatly appreciated.

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