FAQ on the new space

Welcome to the new studio!

Below are a few common questions that have been asked.  I’m posting the questions/answers here in the hopes that we can address most of them.  Thanks for taking the time to read them!

What’s up with the stereo?
About all that works on it is your iPod. The CD player stopped working and it remains in the “open” position while the power is on. It is suggested you put your iPod volume on medium and use the stereo volume control. We’d love to buy your used one if it can accommodate a line in and a CD player.

Which bathroom do I use?
Men should use the mens. Women should use the women. Handicapped persons and clients of the tenants of the back offices should use the handicapped restroom. There is only one light switch which controls both bathroom lights. WOMEN – PLEASE DO NOT TURN OFF THE LIGHT!
Please use a little extra water when flushing and don’t put anything in the toilet besides toilet paper or we will have a mess.  We will probably open one of the offices in the back to serve as a changing room for the men within a week or so.

We will be renting the offices in the back of the space for approximately $250 per month including heat, electric, water, wireless internet, snow clearing, and trash removal. Please spread the word.

What other classes will be offered?
We hope to offer more fitness classes, particularly those that address the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Classes such as Tai-Chi, Dance, Zumba, Yoga Trance Dance, and plain ol’ Yoga are in demand.  Other martial arts are also a possibility such as Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, etc might be a nice compliment to our offerings.  Please spread the word and ask instructors to contact me.

Where do I park?
Anywhere besides the two front spaces. Those are for pick-up/drop-off, preferably. Technically, we’re not supposed to park in the Clarion, but if it doesn’t look full, they probably won’t mind.

What’s up with the mats?
No shoes please. Please vacuum before or after every other class or so. Taekwon-Do school takes care of mopping once week or as needed. We plan to purchase more wood-colored mats in a few months to make the look a bit less like a nursery school.

What’s up with OneontaWellness.com?
It is intended to be a venue for local wellness experts to promote themselves, their events, and their knowledge. “Wellness expert” by our definition includes anyone trained and provides services that enhance the mind, body, or spirit.
Expect to see forthcoming videos and more functionality, but not immediately. You can register with your facebook account, which makes life easier. Oneonta Taekwon-Do’s website needs to remain a Taekwon-Do website. So, it only makes sense to promote Belly Dance, Qi-Gong and such on another site.

When are you gonna have more mirrors?
We have 3 more large ones to install as soon as Mr. Davis is free….

What’s the wi-fi password?
It’s written on the inside of the cabinet above the sink.

How/Who do I pay?
Please pay your instructor. Instructors will pay the school.

How do we turn on the steam room in the women’s room?
We’re not planning on activating the steam room.  Sorry!

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