Things to do to help us get into our new school

Dear Students,

Thank you very much to those who were able to attend class in our new location.  It was great to have you share my vision of our school.  As I mentioned, I greatly need your help to be able to quickly afford the large increase in rent and utilities.  Below are a number of ways that you can help.  When I visit Grandmaster Kim’s Taekwon-Do school in New York City, I am always very proud to be part of something that is well organized, well managed, and well maintained.  I thank all of you who continue to support the school and make it a fun and valuable place to train.

Your input and suggestions on how to make the new school the best it can be are very welcome and appreciated.

Thank you again.  Please save the date:  Saturday 10/23 is our moving date and we will need hands, backs, trucks, and boxes!

Find us some tenants

We need tenants for the 3 offices in the rear of the building.  I am offering them for $250 per month which includes all utilities including wireless internet.  Please ask anyone you can think of who is looking to get a small office.  Private professionals such as therapists, massage therapists, or just a startup business looking to get established.  The building features parking and wheelchair access and facilities.

Find us some instructors

Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Tai-Chi, Dance, Pilates – if it’s fitness, it’s probably fine.  If you know anyone who teaches these things, tell them we offer marketing and promotion while allowing instructors to maintain their independence all for a low pay-per-class rent.

Find us some new students

  • Adults or kids, experienced or not, if they are over the age of 6, please encourage them to visit a class and join.  It’s better for them to hear it from you than from me, so please spread the word.
  • Grab more brochures from the school and put them anywhere you can – gas stations, bulletin boards, coffee shops, service counters, schools, or at work.  (Special thanks to John Buck for his excellent work on the brochure!)
  • Post something on your Facebook or Myspace page linking to mentioning the ridiculous specials we’re offering.

Find us some stuff

We could use some “stuff” in the new place.  Wall mirrors, plants, desks, floor lamps, a Roomba vacuum cleaner, a stereo with a remote control, fiberglass insulation, a banquet table, chairs that don’t leave holes in mats, and more!

Buy from the school

  • A new uniform, a t-shirt, sparring gear, or even a few extra Powerades….  The school makes a small profit from each of these things and the price is what you would spend elsewhere, so shop at the school!
  • Renew your tuition for 6 months or more.  We offer a deep discount and a free uniform when students renew for 6 months or a year.  We accept credit cards and you can ask a friend or family to buy you some tuition at

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