October 2010 promotion test

Congratulations to everyone who tested at our first test at 203 Main St.

The natural echo of the space really adds excitement to the board breaks!

Aidan, Dylan, and Jack demonstrate Chon-Ji and Aidan demonstrates a cross behind side-kick to break a board.  (Sorry Jack and Dylan, we missed your board break!)

Ben, Lori, Devyn, and Jack demonstrate board breaking using rear leg side kicks. (Sorry, we missed Dan-Gun)

Erika, formerly a brown/black belt managed to successfully earn her green belt as did our youngsters Alex, Jaden, Christina and Addison. They demonstrate Do-San and break using a lead-leg side kick.

Finally, we have our blue belts demonstrating Toi-Gye and breaking 2 boards with a back kick.


Last, in case you missed it, Mr. Mannion’s 2 inch punch. Only 1 board this time…

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