September 2010 Newsletter

Beginner bellydance classes resume

Classes resume Wednesdays at 7:15 – 8:15pm beginning September 15 at Oneonta Tae Kwon Do. Classes begin with an introduction to basic bellydance posture and movements, including stretches, shimmies and isolations to condition muscles. Students will learn to combine steps and movements from various Tribal bellydance styles in a fun, beginner level dance. Class will also include an introduction to playing finger cymbals (zils) and the most popular zil rhythms. Read about pricing and more information at the under-construction Oneonta Wellness website.

Qi-Gong classes starting in September

Licensed accupuncturist and Qi-Gong practitioner Justin Deichman has agreed to lead Qi-Gong classes at Oneonta Taekwon-Do beginning this month. More information on dates and times will be forthcoming. Classes will most likely be offered on Tuesdays and Fridays. Midday classes are also possible. If interested, please contact Justin via his website,

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays this month include Mr. Davis (9/22), Mr. McCabe (9/27), and Jack M (9/27). Please offer them best wishes on their birthdays this month.

Next test will be in October

Our school schedule had a promotion test planned for September. Due to last months test, we are postponing a test until October. If you feel you are overdue for testing, please speak to an instructor to possibly arrange a make-up test.

Vending machine

Coca cola offered to provide a vending machine and deliver beverages on a monthly basis. This should save Mr. Mannion a great deal of time and make sure you always have a cold beverage at the ready. Coca cola also offered to take and refund bottle deposits. A container will be provided for recycling at the dojang. Please drop your coca cola bottles and cans in there if you can.

Please spread the word

We are looking to add 3 new children and 3 new adults to the school in September. Please distribute some flyers at school, at work, or post them in gas stations. If you refer a friend, you can earn a free uniform or a free promotion test.

The Women of SJ Kim’s Taekwon-Do

Fierce yet friendly, smart yet serious, powerful yet kind – the women of SJ Kim’s TKD were recently compiled in a music video by Ms. Tina Pace, 2nd Dan. I hope you enjoy the video. Leave some positive comments if you can on this YouTube video.

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