May 2010 promotion testing

Our promotion testing this past week was an interesting one. We had two black belt interim tests and our lowest rank testing was a green belt.

Everyone had trouble breaking boards it seemed. It’s been my experience that sometimes you just get a tough batch of boards.

I hope everyone took away some confidence and determination from this test. Sometimes you break the boards and it is easy. Sometimes it doesn’t work and it is not so fun. But, if you never push yourself too far, you never know how far you can go.

I’m very proud of the dedicated training put forth by all of our students who tested this time around. Please enjoy starting over and taking the time to make corrections and focus on the improvements you need to make for your next tests.

Unfortunately, I did a lousy job as cameraman. Please offer to help next time so that everyone gets a chance to review their test. I have no videos of the red belts at all and I missed a couple of board breaks and patterns.

In the month of June, please expect to have one night of classes at Neawha Park!

Phineas Collins-Brown earns blue stripe

Tyler and Terri earning red stripes

Tom and Chris earn red stripes

Owen McCabe board breaks and sparring

Brian Davis interim pattern demonstrations

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