May 2010 Newsletter

New students

Oneonta Taekwon-Do is pleased to announce that we are accepting new students in the month of May.  We have room for 2-4 adults and 2-4 children!  Please forward this to your friends who have shown interest in learning self-defense.  Remember that your referrals earn you a free uniform or a free promotion test!

We offer 8 classes per week for adults and 3 classes per week for children.  Please see our class schedule for details.

Children’s classes

We are pleased to note that our Junior Beginners have worked very hard over the past 4 months.  Many are testing on Monday May 10th for their yellow belt.  In order to make room for new children, we invite our yellow belt juniors to attend the Thursday 5pm class with the adults effective Thursday May 20, 2010!  We expect that the children will continue to attend two classes per week, thereby making room for new children to take classes on Monday and Wednesday at 4pm.

Finn and Owen win 1st and 2nd place in NY Championship

Congratulations to Owen and Finn for their fine performance at Grandmaster Kim’s championship in New York City.  They are our first competitors at a Taekwon-Do International event and we are very proud of them.  For a first hand account of the day, please read Finn Brown-Collin’s article.

Adult promotion test

The next promotion test is Thurs May 20 at 6pm.  Many of our senior belts are expected to test including Mr. Davis  (interim), Mr. McCabe (interim), John, Priscilla, Terri, Tom, Chris, Tyler.  If you are testing, please complete a form.  If I neglected to mention your name, please speak to me.

Belly Dance Seminar May 22

Badra Bahiya has been a long time supporter of Oneonta Taekwon-Do and continues to offer classes at our school.  Their practice is consistent with our goals of training the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Please help spread the word and invite women you know to “come on and dance”.  Caroline Huxtable is offering another half-day intensive belly dance seminar in Oneonta.


Since the school has no air conditioning, we invite students to wear an Oneonta Taekwon-Do or SJ Kim t-shirt to class during the summer months.  (Memorial day – Labor day).  There are still a few t-shirts available at the school for $14.

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