Lunch with a Grandmaster

April 2, 2010 in News by Master Ray Mannion

Dear Students,

I am cordially inviting you to be my guest for lunch at Stella Lunas on Friday April 9th, 2010.

Joseph Donelly demonstrating infront of Gen Choi 1984

I am honored to have 8th dan, Grandmaster Joseph Donnelly visit on some union business and hope you have an opportunity to come and meet him.

8th Dans are very rare and essentially implies that person has over 35 years experience as a black belt.   (See Taekwon-Do International Black Belt Dan Certification requirements ). In the brief time I have gotten to know him, Grandmaster Donnelly has proven to be brilliant, interesting, accomplished, and knowledgeable.  Furthermore, he is one of the few people you can meet who has actually met and trained with General Choi Hong Hi.  Grandmaster Donnelly has made Taekwon-Do his life’s work and I am proud to have him in our union and to personally know him.

Please take this opportunity to join us for a long lunch ( he talks…A LOT ) starting at noon.

Please RSVP to me no later than Wednesday so I can reserve a table.