Gifts for Taekwon-Do Practitioners

Looking for gifts for that special Taekwon-Do student?

Be careful, there is a lot of junk out there! What’s more, some Taekwon-Do practitioners are offended or disappointed when they receive “Karate” gifts or books associated with a different Taekwon-Do style than the one they practice.

Below, I’ve done the hard work of finding the best stuff out there from reliable sites and described, as best I can, the ideal recipient of the gift.

Yes, my wife makes a small commission from some of these links, but you’ll see that it doesn’t affect your price whether you buy through this site or not! ( Our school includes website income to offset the costs of running the school in order to keep prices low. )

For all practitioners:

I love these re-breakable boards! Board breaking is some of the most exciting martial arts to watch. For the practitioner who likes to practice on his or her own, these boards pay for themselves in one session!

Gifts for kids:

Someone gave me this book which is written for early readers. If you know a child practicing Taekwon-Do under the age of 7, I think this book will be of great enjoyment for him/her to read. It’s also a cute idea for someone who owns a school or teaches children’s classes. It is not style-dependent so any Taekwon-Do practitioner will enjoy it!
Easily the most controversial book I ever read to a 3 year old! Mercer Mayer really took a leap writing this book in which the main character actually gets into a fist fight! As I wrote in the review on Amazon, this book is great if you use it as an opportunity to discuss it. Left on it’s own, it may teach the wrong message. I think it is a very important book for any youngster to read with an adult.

For adults:

For Taekwon-Do practitioners following the “Chon-Ji” forms or “ITF” style, this video is a fascinating look at the original masters performing the patterns, step sparring, and self-defense.
Improving flexibility is critical to having better kicks, form, and resiliency from injury. Unfortunately, teaching “how” to stretch isn’t normally part of any curriculum. Many people think you either “have it or you don’t”. This book helped me a great deal in gaining flexibility by understanding how muscles stretch, when they are at their peak to be stretched, and how NOT to stretch. I recommend it highly to any martial artist regardless of style or discipline.

For black belts and masters:

For the master or serious instructor, nothing tops a high quality uniform. I bought this quality uniform over a year ago and am extremely impressed by the heavy weight and comfortable fit. Note that some schools prefer black uniforms to white. Follow the link to choose the appropriate color and size.
What better gift for a new blackbelt than something to display his or her certificate alongside the belts that accompanied him or her throughout the journey! KarateSupply has the best selection and pricing.
NOTE: You may want to find out how many belts the person earned. Some schools have Orange, Purple, and Brown belts, whereas some do not!

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