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Congratulations! Judging by your comments on our YouTube videos, it sounds like you’ve trained very hard at Taekwon-Do. It seems from your comments that you consider yourself superior to our students so I’m guessing you have excellent skills and are proud of your teacher. Congratulations. I’m sincerely happy for your accomplishments.

You made some comments so please allow me to return the favor.

Please do this: Print out the page with your comments and bring the printout to your teacher along with a copy of this article. Explain to him or her that you saw a video and are very proud of your comments. Ask if he or she agrees.

If your instructor says “good job, that was great, I’m really proud of you” then please ask him or her: “What are the tenets of Taekwon-Do“?

If your instructor calls himself a Taekwon-Do master and doesn’t teach Courtesy, Integrity or Self-control, then he or she is merely a “coach”.  In my opinion, your comments violate all three of these virtues.

If you are embarrassed at the thought of showing your teacher your comments, then I congratulate you again on your continued learning. General Choi said “Pain is the best teacher, but nobody wants to attend his class.” In my opinion, Taekwon-Do training is for anyone who wants to be the best they can be. Taekwon-Do training is not just training people to kick each other in the head.

Here is a useful tip for you:
Preface your insult with humility. “In my humble opinion” or “I could be wrong but…”. Below are some comments I received which were hurtful to read at first. However, the simple use of “I’m sorry” was enough for me to grant some respect to the writer and indeed see he/she was correct.

i’m sorry but… this is not a back kick, this what you performed is a a side kick. You even turned your waist first and then you kicked. Just pause at 0:29, your knee is completely sideways…

So, what are you going to do next? Are you going to print your comment and this article and give it to your instructor? Are you going to apologize? Are you going to post more rude comments on our other videos? How about writing some sarcastic retort? Imagine yourself standing before me, a 3rd Dan, and before my student, face to face. What would you do then?

Indeed, most of the people who make rude comments like this rarely have videos of themselves performing anything impressive. Most are simply yellow and green belts with a chip on their shoulder and that’s great. It’s all part of the process. By the time they are black belt, if they make it that far, I’m pretty sure they won’t feel compelled to take the easy path of writing an insult on a webpage to demonstrate their self-ordained superiority.

Thank you for reading this. I wish you all the best in your continued training and pray that your school holds dear the tenets of Taekwon-Do. Without them, Taekwon-Do is just another sport.

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