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Thank you for your interest in Taekwon-Do. When you sign up as a new student, you will begin with 2 private lessons from a 3rd Degree Blackbelt. In these sessions, you will learn the basic kicks, punches, and blocks before entering class.

You can either call us at 607-431-8810 to schedule your introductory lessons or simply fill out the form below and we will call you as soon as possible.  We have a price list with discounts for family memberships and we often have promotion specials that we don’t always have time to put on the internet.   Please call us for information on prices.  We remain one of the lowest prices in town and you’ll find no hard sells or pushy sales tactics by our blackbelts.

Please consider a gift certificate if you have a budget and are interested for a friend or child.  Gift certificates are also great for existing students as they can be used for equipment, t-shirts, uniforms, or tuition!

Taekwon-Do teachers are making a significant commitment to you, the student when you join. Each of your first several classes will require consideration and customization to make sure you receive the training you need, when you need it, while also providing instruction to the rest of the class.

Most students sign up for a 3 month tuition packages. Others sign up for 6 months to take advantage of the discounted savings. Black belts receive a discount and are expected to pay annually.

On your first day, you can wear comfortable clothes for your introductory lesson and a new uniform will be given to you at that time. A fellow student will likely take you through the school to explain the school rules and etiquette.

We look forward to working with you.

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Free Trial Week

Free Adult or Children classes in Oneonta Prospective students are invited to try a week of classes for FREE! Wear loose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to stretch, breathe, kick, punch, block, and sweat!

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Pattern Tutorials

WATCH the Patterns! Whether you're looking to practice or want a sneak peek at patterns you can learn, feel free to watch and enjoy!

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Come and look at just some of the things you can learn to do!