Our Instructors

November 10, 2009 in Featured by Jennifer Butler

Oneonta Taekwon-Do classes are always taught by certified black belt instructors.  Our membership and participation in Taekwon-Do International strengthen the ongoing training and development required to retain the ranks we have earned.

Instructors Davis, Goodrich, McCabe, and Mannion

Instructors Davis, Goodrich, McCabe, and Mannion

Our lineage and connection with Taekwon-Do roots has enabled us to retain the original purpose of our art:  To cultivate wisdom, kindness, and courage throughout the world.  Each of our instructors takes the following oath at each promotion test.  We are grateful to the leaders of Taekwon-Do International for their foresight and commitment to traditional Taekwon-Do.

Taekwondo International Black belt Oath

  • I shall always observe the school rules and lead by example.
  • I shall always maintain my training to continue improving my mind and body.
  • I shall always exemplify discipline and focus during practice.
  • I shall always promote unity and honor amongst black belts.
  • I shall always earn respect through my training and conduct.
  • I shall always be faithful to my seniors.
  • I shall always be faithful to my teacher.
  • I shall always be faithful to the Union

Furthermore, black belt certification in Taekwon-Do International carries with it worldwide recognition and acceptance by other schools and federations.