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Free month special,  Next promotion test/Demonstration, Space needed, Black belt classes

Free month special now through September 30th

For the remainder of the month, we are offering a month free to new students when they sign up for a 3 month tuition package which includes a free uniform and two private lessons. If you have contacted us recently about classes, now is the time to join. Due to space restrictions, we can only extend this offer to the next 4 students so contact us today!

Promotion and demonstration Thursday September 24th, 6PM

Please come support our students including Owen McCabe who will be testing for his 1st Dan. Test begins at 6pm sharp. All students are reminded to submit test forms and fees prior to the date of the test. Students and their families are invited to a special dinner celebration afterward. Appropriate attire is requested as we celebrate the recent black belt promotions and birthdays.

Still looking for space

The Mannions are still looking for a different location and seeking 4000-7000 square feet or a vacant lot. Their intention is to offer alternative health services coupled with physical training classes in a central location for a complete support of Mind, Body, and Spiritual health. If you know building owners with upcoming vacancies or an interest to sell, please have them contact the school. Specifically, locations between Price Chopper and Oneida Street are of interest but Downtown Oneonta is preferred.

Black belt classes beginning in October

In order to more fully train our black belts, it is time to add a black belt class to the schedule. Traditionally, this is scheduled at the end of the week, as the last class of the week. At this time, we anticipate that black belt class will be Thursday nights from 7:20 until 7:50pm with the expectation that black belts will attend the 6:30pm regular class as a “warmup”.

Mr. Mannion appointed

The executive committee of Taekwon-do International has appointed Mr. Mannion as the Director of Communications. His first role in this capacity is to launch a new website to reflect the organization as the world class institution it is. The new website will feature forums, a wiki, online store, news releases, video archives, and a social component akin to Facebook where members can have blogs, home pages, and post messages, videos, and pictures. The website will be translated into over 41 languages and provide the leading source of new memberships. John Buck has been hired as an independent contractor to assist with the site’s launch and development. The site has a targeted completion date of 11/1/09 but is currently “live” at

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