Belly Dance with Caroline at Oneonta Taekwondo

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Oneonta Taekwondo is proud to provide a location for Caroline Huxtable to teach belly dancing classes in the Oneonta area.
Caroline stated that she had studied, choreographed, and performed bellydance with the Pacific Dance Company in Bellingham, Washington. Taught mainly in the folkloric Egyptian style by Shelly Muzzy (Yasmela), one of Jamila Salimpour’s original students, she also practiced at various studios in Virginia and North Carolina. Heavily influenced by American Tribal and Tribal Fusion styles, Caroline has studied with professional dancers from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and the US, including Amel Tafsout, Aisha Ali, Rossah, and founding members of the troupe Helm.

Caroline is currently the founder and director of troupe “Badra Bahiya” which means “radiant full moon”. Badra Bahiya was formed in 2007. Caroline and her troupe perform semi-regularly at the Farmer’s Market, My Father’s Place and several other venues in the area.

Fall/Winter Season offers 12 Classes/3 Sessions on Wednesday nights from 7:15pm – 8:15pm at Oneonta Taekwondo Do Jang at 12 South Main Street between Eighth note and DMV. There is a fee of $10 per class. Class fee is waived for all Oneonta Taekwondo members. Advance payment is encouraged in 4-week intervals. Missed classes may be rolled over to the next session.
While no special gear is required, loose pants or a loose skirt with a snug fitting top are recommended. Hip scarves/belts and finger cymbals are provided for beginning students.

Session 1 – September 23 – October 14. This session focuses on hip isolations and shimmies with an introduction to fing cymbals and basic steps.

Session 2 – October 21 – November 11. This session will add chest and and shoulder isolations, with turns and combination steps and continuation of finger cymbal practice and review of previous material.

Session 3 – November 18 – December 16 (NO Class November 25) will introduce spins and bellyrolls along with choreographed dance based on combination steps. A holiday break schedule will be announced during Session 3.

If you are unable to attend at Oneonta Taekwondo. Caroline also offers lessons at Oneonta Dance Center at the Corner of Fairview & Academy Street. These classes are held each Sunday from 5:00pm -6:15pm starting September 20th. Fee is $10 per class with pre-pay option. You may reach Caroline at or feel free to call her at 607-547-5909.

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  1. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are encouraged to join! Public performances are not required!

  2. It looks like fun. I don’t know if they will accept me into class.

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