Matt and Owen demonstrate the pattern Hwa Rang Red Belt Test July 2009

Hwa Rang is a 29 movement pattern named after a youth group in early 7th century Silla Dynasty. This is one of the many patterns that Matt and Owen have had to achieve in order to demonstrate their next step…. becoming a 1st Degree Black Belt. Obtaining the Black Belt is an honorary achievement for any martial art.

There are many qualities that must be achieved for any belt, whether it be yellow or black. Each belt signifies an advancement of learning. The higher the belt the more the student has increased their awareness and personal growth.

The 1st degree Black Belt means that the student is now ready to learn some of the more advanced techniques in martial arts.

To become a black belt, a student must show many qualities other than techniques learned in self defense. Some of those qualities include self-control, self-discipline, respect, humility, confidence, passion, helpfulness, patience, and gratitude. Many more qualities are expected as one advances in martial arts.

The belt color should be an honor for all members of any martial art whether it be Taekwon-do, Aikido, Judo or Sumo. Achieving these qualities and techniques are no easy task and takes years of practice. Ask any member who has hung in there during the sweating and injuries caused by an incorrect kick or punch. This along with the inner improvement of our body and mind have made us strong outside, as well as inside and will stay with us for an eternity.

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