Host family needed for German exchange student

Please read the information below and contact Judy if you would be interested in hosting an exchange student. Click here to read the facts about working with NWSE to host an exchange student.

Judy contacted us because the exchange student is very interested in Taekwondo. Judy can be reached at 765-6507.

We are trying to place students quickly now because
we are getting down to the wire on getting flights before school
starts. Below is basic information about one of our students from Germany who is very into Taekwando and we have another German boy who is very interested in martial arts in general. I have attached a general fact sheet about hosting as well. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions. 765-6507. Thanks! Judy


First Name: Etienne ID: 1116
Term: Academic Year 2009
Type: one-way
Status: available
Home City: Wuppertal
Home Country: Germany

Gender: male
Date of Birth: 10/09/92
Age upon Arrival: 16
Current grade: 10
Recommended grade in US: 11
Will have graduated before program? No
Grades: average
SLEP Score:
Religion: Christian
Willing to attend religious service? Yes
Allergies: none
Willing to live with smokers? No
Health Notes:

Placement Goal: n/a
Placement Date: 0620
Status Details:
Placement Pending:
NWSE Coordinator: Sergej Buchholz
Acad. Coordinator:
Regional Manager:
Host School:
Host Family:

Student Profile:
Luis loves taekwondo, which he has practiced for eight years in a
local sports club. He also enjoys spending time with friends, playing
soccer, and swimming. In the U.S., Luis would be excited to have the
chance to join a drama club. He takes part in school activities at his
German school and diligently fulfills his responsibility of
maintaining records for his teachers. Luis has a good relationship
with his parents and has many friends, with whom he likes to hang out,
watch movies, and go downtown (e.g. to visit the Christmas market in
the winter). His interests include handicrafts, cooking, watching
movies, playing video games, and listening to music. Luis is a
sociable, respectful, optimistic, and motivated young man who has a
good sense of humor, is well-liked by his peers and teachers, and
sometimes acts as a quiet leader.

Luis’s native language is German. He is proficient in English and has
studied the language for five years. Luis earns average grades at
school and his favorite subjects include English, Biology, and
History. In the future, he would like to become a social worker.

Luis lives with his mother, who is a social worker. He also spends a
lot of time with his father, who works as an engineer and is divorced
from his mother. Luis does not have any allergies.

Letter to Host Family:
Dear friends,

My name is Luis Etienne and I’m 16 years old. I’m German and live in
Wuppertal. In Wuppertal we are more than 300.000 people. I was born in
Solingen,which is close to Wuppertal.

My parents are divorced. I live in the home of my mother, but I spend
a lot of time with my father too. I visit the […] in Wuppertal. This
school is a full time school. I have a lot of friends there .My
favourite subjects are English, Biology and History.

In the year 2007 I had my confirmation. This was an important day for
me. First we celebrated at church and after this; we celebrated with
my family, with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I got a
lot of presents and everybody was proud of me.

My favourite sport is Tae Kwon Do. I do that sport more than seven
years. I have a lot of friends at this sport club. […]

My hobbies are staying with friends, going to the Tae Kwon Do club,
going to cinema, even I like to hear music. At time my favourite
interpret is Falco.

My friends and I like to go to the Christmas Market. In Germany
Christmas Market are in every town. This year my favorite Christmas
Market was in Dortmund, because there was the biggest Christmas tree.

During 2007 I visited the USA and stayed there more than a month. I
have visited Washington, New Jersy, Baltimore and New York. In Florida
I have visited Key-West, Miami and Naples.

I liked to stay in the USA and I wish to study in this country. […]
I hope we can make friendship . I hope we can learn from each other. I
hope he can explain me the school life. I’m open mined and very
interested in your culture and way of life. […] I hope it will be
interesting for you to show me your life and I can be a part of your

My parents and I often visit foreign cultures. I think you won’t have
problems with me. My character is friendly. I have no problem with
foreign food. I was educated to try first. I accept rules and I think
I won’t have problems at school. I think at the first time I need your
help, because I will have a lot of questions.

I hope I wake up your interest to take me in your home. I think we can
learn from each other and we can have fun together.

I will be very happy to stay in your home and I’m curious of the new
part of my life.

your Etienne

Student Essay:
Hallo Ladies and Gentlemen

I wish me become an exchange student because it will be a grateful
chance for me to learn the language perfectly and to learn to live in
another culture.

In our English lessons we learned a lot about the USA. This was very
interesting for me.

During holidays in 2007 I spent over a month in the USA . I have
visited Baltimore, Washington and New York. I was fascinated about the
skyscrapers. New York was amazing. I have never been in a city with so
much life style. In Florida I stayed in Key-West, Miami and Naples. I
was surprised how friendly the American people are. If I asked for the
way or other things, they took time to explain. So I have talked to
many people and I noticed that Americans are interesting at the way of
life in Europe especially in Germany.

For me it’s interesting to learn the language perfectly, because it’s
important to speak and understand English for finding a good job. So I
made an internship at the American Company PPG, in Wuppertal Germany.
I have noticed that’s important to communicate in English to impore
Business. I want to receive an impression about the culture of the
USA. It’s important for me to see how people live in other countries.
To see where it is different and where it is the same. I think after
one year in America I will come back with new ideas and a differnt

I can offer an open mind. I can to stand to the rules. I curious about
life in the USA. So it will be interesting for me to stay at my host
family. I can offer friendship to my host family and to the students
of my school. I have a friendly character and it’s easy for me to
except life in other families. I think it can be interested for my
host family and me to exchange our ways of life. And I think we can
have a lot of fun together. I hope my host family is interesting about
me too and have fun on me too.

I can offer my open mind also to my school and teachers . So it’s
normally for me to do my homework and work on school projects. I’m
interesting in Spanish too. Maybe I can to pass a Spanish course at

I can also stand to the rules. I think it will be interesting for
American students to hear about life in Germany. I hope I can make new
friends and these friendships will be for the future.

My favourite subjects are English, Biology and History. I’m
interesting in Sports too.
In Germany I’m member of a Tae Kwon Do club. I do this sport for more
than seven years. Perhaps there is a possibility to do this sport at
school too.

I hope to arouse your interest, and I also hope that I am an asset to
your school, teachers and students will be.


2 responses to Host family needed for German exchange student

  1. hi,
    couldn’t help but notice this ad. I am a qualified English teacher and published author. I have ten years experience working for language schools such as C.L.C, L.E.C and Anglophiles. Teaching to a variety of students from a multitude of countries. My husband is a 5th Dan martial arts instructor [ taekwondo], having years experience and knowledge with the Korean arts. He is also a personal trainer. We have a five bed house in lincolnshire, England. we have a small gym, trampoline and basketball net. Two boys, two cats and dogs that stay outside only. We are active and my husband has his own centre for martial arts here in Boston, U.K. If this student was to consider one to one training in English and taekwondo we would be happy to have him stay with us. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further. There are more school holidays ahead.
    Tanya fiford and robin ford
    01205 820849

  2. Thank you very much Ma’am,
    It was very thoughtful of you to respond. I have forwarded your comments to the facilitator of the exchange program. Although she is regionally based, perhaps she may have an exchange student for you.
    Best regards,
    Ray Mannion
    3rd Dan
    Oneonta Taekwondo

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