August 2009 Taekwondo newsletter

August 2009 – Celebrating our 3rd year at 12 South Main

Oneonta Taekwon-do began in a garage at 258 Co Hwy 47 in Oneonta in December of 2004.  In August of 2007, we opened our doors at 12 S. Main St.  We are now entering our 3rd year as a “real school” and are happy to celebrate our anniversary this month!

New Videos on Youtube

Many videos from the last promotion test have been uploaded to the Oneonta Taekwon-do Youtube Page. We haven’t yet classified or tagged them all.  Many thanks to Jennifer Butler for her help in getting them posted.  Until they appear on our website, please visit the Youtube page.  Many thanks to Tom McCabe for diligently recording the videos.

No classes August 21, 22

The Friday and Saturday classes are cancelled on Friday August 21 and Saturday August 22 due to Grandmaster Kim’s summer camp.  Several students and Mr. Mannion will be attending the camp.

August promotion test Wednesday August 26th at 6pm

Please bring friends and family to help support those who are testing for promotions.

2 more Friday advanced classes remaining

I’m glad the attendance at the Friday classes has been solid. We have taken the opportunity to focus on specific patterns and advanced sparring drills. There are only 2 more opportunities this summer and I hope all students blue belt and above can make an effort to attend. We will focus on Toi-Gye and then Hwa-Rang in the next two classes. It seems we will have some new black belts in the near future at which time we will need to offer weekly or bi-weekly black belt classes.

Mirror fund at $200 even

Thank you to all those who have donated or bought Gatorade and water.  The extra income from the non-taekwondo classes has helped bring us closer to our goal of installing mirrors for the dojang.  Please continue to support the other classes at our school by spreading the word about Tajiquan, Belly dancing, Qi-Gong, and Yoga Trance Dance.

Monumental film to Premiere at SUCO

On Sunday, August 30th at 3pm, SUNY Oneonta will host the New York Premiere of “The Living Matrix”. This documentary features explanations from world-renowned scientists on the power of the mind to heal. If you have ever heard of the “Placebo effect”, you know that 1/3 of all medical cures are scientifically documented to have been cured simply by the power of the mind. The Living Matrix discusses the scientific evidence and methods coming forth that will change the way the world heals people.
As a Taekwon-do practitioner, you will endure countless injuries over the years and I recommend highly that you attend this event. Having already experienced the power of your mind to affect the state of your body, you will surely relate to the content presented in this film. Please help to spread the word on this important event. You can see a preview of the film here:

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