Request from Grandmaster Kim

I’m very grateful to Matt, Kristian, John and Mr. Davis for dedicating  a day to coming to NYC for class and lunch with Grandmaster Kim.

After class, Grandmaster Kim mentioned two questions he asked his students recently.  He asked for the students to write “just a couple of sentences” and extended the question to the Oneonta Taekwondo students.

1)  Why do you like practicing Taekwondo?

2)  What is the purpose?

He explained that he knows we practice Taekwondo because it makes us happy.  He said “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make you miserable.”   All in all, I think he enjoyed having the “mountain people” visit and I hope our students gained the sense of cameraderie and brotherhood that exists between our schools.

I would greatly appreciate if our students could take a few minutes to write a quick email to Grandmaster Kim to answer his questions in a “few sentences,  nothing elaborate”.  He can be contacted at the following address.  If you CC me on the email, I’ll send you back my response to him.


(Incidentally, posting an email address on a webpage subjects it to robots which collect it and use it for spamming.  Therefore, I’m using an image instead of text)

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